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Single Moms and Dads.  You are not alone:

  • In 2006, 12.9 million families in the U.S. were headed by a single-parent, 80% of which were headed by a female
  • One in nine Households in America is a Single Parent Household, according to the US Census Bureau
  • An unbelievable two-thirds of all children in the US will spend at least some time in a single-parent household.

As a single parent, how do you give your kids the nurturing and guidance that they need when you have to spend the majority of the day at work?  Fusion homes believes that the proper environment could offer some very healthy options.
Multigenerational Living:
Your mom has offered to help with the children, and you love her, but could you live with her?  In the right environment the answer is “yes.”  The Fusion 2 Gen is the optimum in multigenerational living, providing a separate lock-off suite for your mom.  It’s part of the main residence but has dual entries and its own kitchen.  You’re together when you want to be without sacrificing privacy or independence.  This home is also ideal for a live in nanny, but who better to trust your kids with than your own mom?
Doubling Up:
Maybe you thought about living with your sister or a close friend that’s in a similar situation?  The Fusion 2 Gen Bungalow with its totally separate 2 or 3 Bedroom lock-off could make living together an enriching experience for all.  The 2 Gen looks like any other home on the block but it’s really two complete homes in one, giving each family their own space, while giving the kids a two adult household.  In the right home doubling up could be a healthy experience for all.
Live Work:
With a Fusion Biz home, Moms and Dads that can telecommute; that are Lawyers, Interior Designers, Hair Stylists, and Math Tutors can conduct their business efficiently from their homes.  Their work environments have their own front doors but also provide for direct access to living areas so that they can keep tabs on the kids.  The Biz home is a highly efficient office and a cozy home, especially for the kids who get to spend more time in their own back yards and less time in daycare.
In 1957, 45% of all American Households was the classical nuclear family; today it’s only 22% and shrinking.  Families are different today, and families are living differently today.  Fusion Homes is partnering with Homebuilders all over the US to build homes for the way we live today.
Go to myFusionhome.com and explore the Fusion eBiz and Fusion 2 Gen homes.

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