Boomerang Kids

Moving back home with your parents?

Don’t feel alone.  85% of College Grads plan to move back home.   This is according to Twentysomething Inc, a marketing and research firm in Philadelphia.   Ok, the food is great but where’s the privacy?  Can I bring a guest over?  OMG, is this the worst thing that can ever happen!

Believe it or not, in the right environment this could actually be a very good thing.  The secret is the home itself.  Fusion homes make life better for Boomerang Children and their parents.

The Fusion 2 Gen home is the best home today for adult children living with their parents.  These homes look like any other house on the block but provide a secondary residence that’s a true lock-off suite with its own dual entry, living space and kitchen.  The 2 Gen home is healthy living for everyone.

Whether on the first floor or in a loft over the garage, your suite is so private and comfortable you may never want to leave, but what happens when you do?  Your suite can be rented to someone else, used as a hobby space, an office, or incorporated into the rest of the home.

Fusion homes has partnered with the foremost Homebuilders in the Country to build homes for the way we live today.   These homes are functional, green, and make living at home cool.

Boomerang kids: 85% of college grads move home

Boomerang Kids Rely on Boomer Parents: Is It a Positive Trend?

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