Do you work at home, on your kitchen table? There’s a better way.

Where do you work?Due to the economy, changing demographics, and the internet, the numbers of home based workers are rapidly increasing.    According to the US Census Bureau, home-based workers made up 8 percent of the total U.S. workforce in 2005.  This number is growing rapidly.

How many more people would work at home if they had a Fusion™ eBiz™ home?

The eBiz home looks like its traditional neighbors on the outside, but inside is quite unique.  Separated from the main residence with a double wall is a totally independent office or studio for Interior Designers, Accountants, even Musicians.  The office/studio has its own entry from the outdoors as well as from the inside.  It has its own bathroom and in most cases its own kitchenette.  It’s a place where you can work (or play) in peace without disturbing the family, and where the family can live in peace without disturbing you.

You’ve seen many homes with optional dens, but this is much more.  This is a place where visitors can come and go without traipsing through your home.  Working out of a typical house, your family life and work life blur to the point that you never leave work and you never come home.  The eBiz home is a healthier environment for telecommuters and everyone working from home.

Fusion believes that working at home can be healthy, as well economically and ecologically beneficial…..within the proper environment.  Fusion homes has partnered with the best Homebuilders in the Country to design and build homes for the way we live today.

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