Sandwich Generation Blues

Boomers:  Is living with your children AND your parents driving you crazy? 

Is living with your children AND your parents driving you crazy?

One in every eight middle-aged Americans is currently caring for at least one child and a parent under the same roof. (Pew Research Center) This is the Sandwich Generation blues, or does it have to be?

The Fusion™ 2 Gen™ home is the best home on the market today for Baby Boomers living with their children AND their parents.  These multigenerational homes look like any other house on the block but they include an independent first floor suite with its own dual entry, living space and kitchen for Grandma and Grandpa.  It’s the new Granny Flat with style!

The Fusion 3 Gen™ home adds not one, but two lock-off suites, one for senior Boomerang Parents AND one for adult Boomerang Kids.  It’s actually three independent homes in one.  While the three adult family units living together help each other with chores and finances, everyone retains their INDEPENDENCE and PRIVACY.

In the proper environment, families sharing homes can be enriching, as well economically and ecologically beneficial.  Fusion homes has partnered with the best Homebuilders in America to design and build homes for the way we live today.   These homes are beautiful, functional and healthy.

See the 2 Gen and 3 Gen homes


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