The Minivan of Homes

Today's family adapting to their changing lifestyle

In 1979 Lee Iacocca went to his executives and told them that it’s time they adapt to their changing customer base.  It’s not just men going to work and taking the family for Sunday drives.  Mothers are driving their kids to school, soccer practice, shopping malls, and those big old sedans are just not functional.   So in 1984 Chrysler introduced the minivan.  It didn’t replace every car on the road, but it sure killed the station wagon.

In 2010 Howard Perlman began telling Home builders that they need to adapt to their changing customer base.

The traditional family that used to comprise 40% of homebuyers in 1970, now comprises only 24% of the market.  For the 20% of this country that’s doubling up, and for the 15% of this country that’s working at home there needs to be a more functional home.  So through the Fusion™ brand he introduced 2Gen™ and eBiz™, the minivans of homes.  They won’t replace every home on the block, and they may not totally kill the dual master, but they will make life better for a lot of people today, for a long time to come.

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