25% of the American Workforce does some work at home.

According to New Strategist Publications’ Cheryl Russell, the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ American Time Use Survey, indicates that one in four employed people does some or all of their work at home.

If you work at home and you are looking for a new home, you do not have to settle for the “den option.” eBiz™ homes have separate entries for business guests and deliveries. Offices have their own bathrooms and kitchenettes, and they have sound deadening walls that enable you to work at your home as comfortably and efficiently as you do at your downtown office.

Live-Work™ homes offer larger studios that are ideal for professional stay at home moms with small children. If you’re a teacher looking for a large functional first floor tutoring or play area, or an interior designer looking for a private design lab, Live-Work is for you. You can spread out without feeling like your business is invading your home life. It’s healthy, functional and economical.

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Builder – Who works at home?

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