Fusion homes are better…

Better for the planet…These homes are green by design, reducing carbon footprints, reducing vehicular trips, and sharing resources.

 Better for the community… Streetscapes become richer.  Cozy neighborhood markets and café’s, tutoring centers, boutique child and senior day cares are a walk away.  Neighbors become friends and neighborhoods more sustainable.

Better for kids…eBiz™ homes afford parents more time to spend with them, and 2Gen™ homes allow grandparents, aunts and uncles to help care for them.  Who better to care for your kids than your parents?

Better for grandparents… Granny and Grandpa can live totally independently in your home, without being alone.  Their lives are useful, helping to care for their families; and when “they” need help, their families are there to care for them.

 Better for your career… eBiz homes are as private and efficient as a downtown office without the distractions or wasted travel time.  Visitors don’t walk through your home to see you.

Better for your health…For telecommuters, total separation of your home and office allows you to physically, mentally and emotionally leave work to be with your family – in less than 60 seconds!  Families living together, sharing resources and chores is enriching and economical, while individual entries and kitchens give each family their own private domain.

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