The Fusion Revolution

Finally, homes and neighborhoods designed for the way we live today.  Fusion did the research, design and the development.  They found the builders to build it, and it’s energized the home building industry.  It’s got home buyers, real estate agents, architects and builders talking.  It’s the new Fusion home brand and we’re not sure if it’s a movement or a revolution!

In the spring of 2010 Howard Perlman, a Las Vegas architect, began thinking about what he could design.  There were empty buildings everywhere. Nobody was going build another shopping center or office or apartment building for years.  The only people still building were the home builders who were losing money building, but were forced to work through their land inventory.  To mitigate losses and compete with REO’s, builders were reducing square footage and finishes, but it wasn’t enough to entice buyers to buy new homes.

Perlman believed that the way to get a buyer to buy a new home was to offer the buyer something new, something the buyer couldn’t find in the sea of new models, cheap short sales and REO’s.  He researched demographics at the US Census Bureau and Pew.  The numbers confirmed the obvious.  Due to the country’s changing demographics and economy, more and more people are doubling up with relatives and friends.  And due to the internet, long commute distances and again, the economy, more and more people are working at home.

During the summer of 2010, Perlman trademarked Fusion homes and several other brands including 2 Gen for families living with families and friends, and eBiz for families working from home.  The eBiz brand has its own separate office or studio with its own front door, bathroom, and optional bar or kitchenette.  The separation of home and work makes work time more efficient and home time more enjoyable.  Who wants to see piles of papers on the kitchen table, coffee table, bedroom floor?

The 2 Gen brand has a totally independent lock-off suite with its own entry, living space and kitchen, essential for healthy, successful living.  Lock-off suites range from a one bedroom, ideal for senior parents and nannies, to three bedroom suites, ideal for boomerang adult children with children of their own.  Sisters, cousins and friends living together can share chores and expenses without sacrificing privacy or independence.2 Gen and eBiz could not have come at a better time. The homebuilding industry is tired and beat up.  It’s still based on the nuclear family customer base of 50 years ago, that used to represent more than 40% but now only 24% of families in America.  Home builders, desperate for buyers were in need of a new idea, but most were so shell-shocked, they couldn’t think “inside” the box let alone “outside” of it.  2 Gen and eBiz are the idea.

Howard Perlman with his Sister, Mother and Grandfather

Perlman understands this type of living.  Aside from spending lots of time abroad, where people sharing and working from homes is more common, he grew up on the Northside of Chicago in a bungalow, with his family on the first floor and grandparents on the second.  “We had a common entry that locked from the outside.  Our flat locked from the foyer, as did my grandparent’s at the top of the stairs, but our “inside doors” were only locked at night.  When we got ourselves into a little trouble, my sister and I would scamper upstairs to our ‘safety zone.’  Friday night dinners upstairs and doing homework with my grandparents are some of my fondest childhood memories.  Kids today don’t have that, and I think it hurts us as a culture.”

On Dec. 14, 2010, Howard Perlman walked into Alan Jones’ office at Lennar in Tempe, Arizona and explained his concept – the new Fusion home brand.  He showed Alan a half dozen videos and articles from Pew Research, the US Census Bureau, etc.  He showed him floor plans of houses that looked like single family homes, designed for standard single family lots, but were in fact two homes in one, or a home with a “real” office inside, not just a “den option.”   Alan loved it, hired Perlman, and the rest is history.  He calls his private label brand “Next Gen, the home within a home,” and it’s being built all over the Southwest. People sharing homes with other people and people working at home are unstoppable trends.  According to Perlman, “that’s far from bad – in the right home, it’s economical, healthy, enriching and downright fun, especially for the kids!”  Fusion licensed architects and builders get it.  They are the revolutionaries.  They are the ones building homes for the way we live today.  They are saving an industry and helping to get our economy back on its feet.

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