Who moved the Homebuilder’s cheese?

Homebuilders will sell approximately 50% less homes this year than they did in 2007, and the average prices of these homes are off by more than 50% in parts of the Country.  They blame the economy, the government, even themselves, but what are they doing about it? 

Where’s the cheese?  According to Rick Salyer of PAZ Architects in Las Vegas, “it’s in the home itself.  Yes the economy is bad, and sales prices are down, but there is something that Builders can do to get people excited about buying.  They can start building homes for the way we live today.”

The Homebuilding Industry has been building variations of the same 3 bedroom, 2 bath home for the classic nuclear family since the 1950’s.  In 1957 this Mom, Dad and 2 kid family comprised 45% of all American Households; today it’s only 22% and shrinking.

Households that are growing include single parent households, multigenerational homes for Boomerang Kids, Boomerang Seniors, and homes designed for brothers, sisters, and close friends doubling up.  One in six people today live in a household with two adult generations, but try to find a home in the suburbs to accommodate this and you won’t.

The extended family augments the nuclear family in many cultures….In particular, grandparents offer a unique form of support to the family, both to the parents and to the children….Families in which three generations interact in close harmony provide the greatest support for successfully raising children. Such children are then ready to relate to people of all ages in society, and are substantially connected to traditions and beliefs of their lineage… New World Encyclopedia

According to Perlman Architects of AZ, designers of the Fusion™ brand home in Phoenix, extended, or “Fusion” family living can be a healthy, enriching experience that can be significantly enhanced in a home designed specifically for it.  “Maybe the economy has brought us here, but it’s not a bad place to be.  Most cultures embrace It.” says Ken Powers of Perlman in Phoenix.  “Americans embraced it up until the 1950’s, but now, thankfully for the children, it’s coming back.”

Perlman Architect’s new Fusion 2Gen™ home looks like any other home on the block, but it actually contains two independent living units, each with their own entries and kitchens.  The 3Gen™ home provides private independent living for three families living together.  Fusion homes create richer neighborhoods with happier kids and better balanced families.  They are just plain sensible.

Lennar homes is leading the Fusion Revolution with their private label brand “Next Gen” home now available all over AZ, Southern CA and soon NV.  Meritage and Beazer homes are close behind.

Fusion started this revolution that has energized the homebuilding industry.  Their homes are great for homebuilders, which makes them great for the economy, and most importantly they are great for the families living in them.  To find out more about them, visit myFusionhome.com.

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