Why we created the revolutionary 2Gen home.

As Architects we care about people and how they live.  We are social but we need our privacy.  We enjoy helping others but we need our independence.  What’s more heartwarming than grandparents sharing stories with their grandchildren, or sisters baking and laughing together in the kitchen?

We believe that in the right environment, sharing a home can be beautiful life experience, so we threw out the last 50 years of “typical” and started from scratch.  Our goal was to design a healthy, enriching, “happy” environment for people living with other people.  For us, Dual Masters don’t cut it.  Everyone needs their own private living spaces, kitchens and front doors.

If you are living or anticipate living with boomerang children, senior parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends, nannies, or caregivers, this home was designed for you.  You can be together when you want to be, and alone when you want to be.  You can enjoy each other’s company and share expenses without sacrificing your privacy.

And as your family’s needs change, your 2Gen lock-off can easily “reGENerate” from a residential suite to a studio, office, or hobby room.  People can stay in their homes longer, creating more stable, sustainable neighborhoods.

Finally, we also care deeply about our environment.  Since more people are sharing the same resources this home naturally reduces trips and has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional homes.

If you need a 2Gen home, don’t settle for “typical.”  Live happy, live healthy.

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