Chabad House UNLV

Synagogues and churches where neighbors pray, learn and socialize create and reinforce community.  Somehow between zoning regulations and the automobile, we lost this important thread in the fabric of our neighborhoods.  This Fusion™ Live-Work™ home functions as the Rabbi’s home, his office, and a home away from home for college students.

We designed the first floor of this home to feel like any other home with Living Room, Dining Room, Study, Kitchen and Family Room.  But this “homey feeling” first floor is designed for flexibility. Simply moving furniture around can transform these spaces into a Chapel or larger Dining Room.

Although there is constant interaction between the family and students, there are times when the family needs privacy.   Therefore, we located the family’s bedrooms in an upstairs “lock off” along with a small private family room with kitchenette, and outdoor play deck for the Rabbi’s children.

The design formula for this home works on any campus or neighborhood.  The concept promotes walkablity and community.  It’s green because it’s multiple uses reduce trips, and resources are shared by more people.  Chabad House UNLV is good for the Rabbi’s family, his students, the community and the planet!

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