Why we created this XL home

Remember the 1976 best seller, “Passages?” You’re single – married – have children – a nanny – your an empty nester – with a boomerang child – with a senior parent – it’s just you and your wife again – with a caregiver! You start a home business – move it to an office park – retire and work out of your house again!

What if you had a home that easily changed to accommodate your life’s changing needs? What if you had 600 or 1200 SF of space that could easily become an independent guest suite, office suite, or band room for your teenage son?

The XL has a large Bonus Room that’s part of the main home, but it has its own front door entrance and bathroom, and it’s plumbed for a future kitchenette. Converting the Bonus Room to a lock-off nanny suite with its own kitchenette would cost less than four mortgage payments. Converting it to a private office or studio could cost less than one!

We created his home because we believe that a well functioning, flexible home makes for a healthy family environment. We believe that when families stay in their homes longer, neighborhoods are more stable and communities are more sustainable.
We also care deeply about our environment. These homes are green by design as more people and more activities happen in this home, reducing trips and sharing resources. XL homes have a potentially much smaller carbon footprint than other traditional homes.

Live happy, live healthy,
Howard Perlman, AIA
Environmental Design Group, LLC
Perlman Architects of Arizona, Inc

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