You don’t have to work at your kitchen table anymore!

Due to the internet and the economy, millions of people today, from accountants to interior designers are working out of their homes. We believe that in the right home, you can work just as efficiently as you could in your downtown office, without sacrificing the sanctity of your home. Our goal was to design a warm, cozy, award winning home with a class A office suite inside!

If you are a telecommuter or run your own home based business, this house was designed for you. It has a wonderful living space for your family, functional and with loads of natural light. Secluded, but accessible from your home is a professional work environment with its own bathroom, kitchenette, and separate front door for visitors.

In this home you can work in privacy without disturbing your family, and with your family not disturbing you. It’s emotionally healthier than working on the kitchen table because you have a true separation of work and family. Your work is not scattered around your home and your home is not scattered around your office.
And as your family’s needs change, your office can be easily transformed into a fully independent residence, or incorporated into the rest of your home as additional bedrooms or hobby rooms. With this home people can stay in their homes longer, creating more stable, sustainable neighborhoods.
Finally, we also care deeply about our environment. This home reduces trips and has therefore has a smaller carbon footprint than other traditional homes.

Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

Live happy, live healthy,
Howard Perlman, AIA
Environmental Design Group, LLC
Perlman Architects of Arizona, Inc

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