Our 2Gen history is rooted in the Chicago 2 Flat

“It Will Cost You Less Than $25/month For Your Own Rent!”

Developer Erik Linn ran this ad for his development on the north side of Chicago in 1929. Linn not only weathered the depression with his developments, he did quite well, and his neighborhoods have withstood the test of time. They are still today, very desirable places to live.

Linn’s premise was simple and as true today as it was then: Why rent when you can own an income producing property that helps pay your mortgage payment? Not only are your payments less, you are leveraging a much larger investment which will eventually yield a better long term return on your investment.

Investment aside, one of the nicest advantages of 2Gen life is that you don’t live “with,” but you live “very close” to people you like very much, like your mom, or cousin or a close friend. And if your tenants aren’t friends now, they probably will be soon because for one thing, you won’t rent to them unless you like them, and for another, you‘ll see them quite often.

Yes there will be renters on Fusion Street, but they will live together with their landlords who have a vested interest in their property, and their neighborhood. Granted, an owner may move out someday and rent his entire 2Gen, which is no different than what’s happening today in single family homes all over America, but more likely his 2Gen will be sold to a new owner/resident for the down payment on the his next home.

There’s another advantage to life on Fusion Street; density! A few solid blocks of 2Gen homes will create just enough people to sustain a node of four to six
Live-Work brand homes adjacent to a small park. Stroll down Fusion Street to your favorite corner café to meet friends. Send your kids for milk to the neighborhood convenience store – on their bikes! This is the real fabric of life.

Live-Work is rooted in Bryn Mawr, and 2Gen is rooted in North Bernard. We’ve modified them for today’s urban and suburban landscapes and building systems, but it’s all about the lifestyle. It’s about living with people who care about each other. It’s about owning versus renting. It’s about making a better, safer financial investment. It’s about sustainable neighborhoods.

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