About Fusion Homes

The Fusion Revolution….reinventing neighborhoods, one home at a time.


Fusion™ homes, created by award winning Architects and Homebuilders is an innovative concept

designed for the way we live and work today.


The Fusion Concept


What if there were a home that could re-Generate to meet the changing needs of the family living in it? According to the US Census Bureau, more and more Americans are working at home. More and more American families are sharing homes with friends, parents, adult children and other families, but Homebuilders have yet to build houses that accommodate, let alone enhance these modern lifestyles, until Fusion™….

Fusion™ homes are designed to blend into any neighborhood, from value to luxury, from urban core to the far reaches of suburbia on any size or type of lot. They are organic, designed to re-Generate as family needs change. Fusion™ is a collaborative effort of leading Architects and Home Builders dedicated to creating healthy, functional environments for the way we live today.

2 Gen™ homes, 3 Gen™ homes and Multi Gen Homes®

These Fusion brands always include the following key features: 2, 3 or more versatile lock-off suites; main residences of 3 to 6 bedrooms or more; office and work lock-offs ranging from 500 to over 1,000 SF; and residential lock-offs ranging from studios to 2 or more bedroom suites with their own living spaces, kitchens, bathrooms and separate front doors. First floor residential lock-offs are ideal for seniors while second floor residences function best for boomerang children and families doubling up.

Live-Work™ homes, eHome™ lofts, eBiz™ homes, and Biz™ bungalows:

These Fusion brands always include the following key features: connected, but totally separate offices and work spaces for the growing number of Americans working at home; and separate outdoor entries for visitors, as well as their own kitchenettes and bathrooms, creating a healthy, more productive work environment. These brands stand for the sanctity of the “home,” and are ideal for telecommuters, interior designers, piano teachers and other home-based business owners.

XL™ homes

Over time, needs change. A family may not need a home today with a separate office or residential unit, but anticipate needing one in the not-too-distant future. The Fusion XL brand stands for an extremely functional, traditional family home that is designed to easily provide a separate office or residential unit whenever it is needed.

The Regenerating home

Fusion homes believes that for our neighborhoods to be stable, our homes must be sustainable. That means our homes must be flexible; easily and economically adjusting to changing family needs. A 2 Gen home with a lock-off suite for a nanny may regenerate to a home featuring a lock-off suite for a home-based business, and then regenerate again by adapting the lock-off suite for a senior parent.


Our Carbon Footprint

Fusion Homes are greener than most “green homes” on the market today because, inherently in their design, they utilize fewer resources among more people and, most importantly, they reduce trips. Fusion homes are good for our planet.

First a person should put his house together, then his town, then the world.

-R’ Yisrael Slanter