For over 25 years, Meritage has been maintained a reputation for building the right homes, in the right locations, for the right price.  In six states, their presence strikes a chord with Americans- because they know a home from Meritage is built for today and tomorrow.
From their “Net-0 Revolution,” to their “Yours in 99 Days” program, Meritage has always delivered what their homebuyers want and expect.  And now, in collaboration with Perlman Architects of Arizona, Meritage has developed an innovative new line of homes that enhance the way people live, work and play today.
2Gen™ homes are designed specifically for families sharing homes with other families.  These homes provide space and privacy for everyone- yet stitch a feeling of togetherness through design.  2Gen homes adapt and change along with the family dynamic.
Live Work™ and eBiz™ homes are designed for telecommuters and entrepreneurs.  An eBiz family owns their workplace, their home, and their time.  As so much of our lives revolve around family and work, a place that provides for both and is perfectly tailored to each person’s unique needs is innovation at its best.
Meritage homes are good for families, and good for our planet.