Trend Homes is a privately owned homebuilder in Arizona known for its dedication to award winning design. With a company motto “Built for Living, Built for Life,” Trend homes are investments in happiness and not temporary solutions to a family’s housing needs.
A company does not deliver award winning design by chance. Through research, outreach, and most importantly implementation, Trend listens and responds to the way families view their homes and their lifestyles. Trend understands that homes are not simply places to eat and sleep in- they are sanctuaries and living memory books for the families who experience life within them.
Trend has worked with Perlman Architects of Arizona to design a new series of homes; homes that meet the needs of today’s Arizona families on physical, social, and economic levels. View Trend Homes For Sale
Their 2Gen™ and 3Gen™ homes are designed for families living with other families under one roof. 2gen homes are adaptable to any situation, livable under any circumstance, and enjoyable every single day.
The eHome™ is a computer-age version of the shop owner living above his store. Tailored to the needs of today’s family, and coupled with sizeable independent offices, eHomes provide flexibility, autonomy, and savings for families with computer and home based businesses.

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