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Howard Perlman, AIA
Perlman Architects of Arizona
You don’t have to work at your kitchen table anymore!
Due to the internet and the economy, millions of people today, from accountants to interior designers are working out of their homes. We believe that in the right home, you can work just as efficiently as you could in your downtown office, without sacrificing the sanctity of your home.  Read more.

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•2 Story
•2,040 SF appr. Primary Residence
•800 SF appr. Studio/Office Lock-Off
•2,840 SF appr. Total Livable
•3 Bedrooms
•3 Bathrooms

Primary Residence

•3 large Bedrooms
•Second Floor Living Space with Balconies
•First Floor Foyer
•Large Master with Walk-In Closet
•Large Great Room and Dining Area
•Computer Center

Lock-Off Suite

•Office/Studio w opt Kitchenette
•First Floor, Private Entry
•Hobby Room off of backyard
•Full Bathroom


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