Young adults living at home up 25% since 2007.

Nearly six million young adults live at home with a parent for financial reasons. Russ Mitchell reports.

Next Gen- The Home within a Home- debuts 12/3/11 in Las Vegas

This is a TV Commercial running in Las Vegas. Grand Opening Saturday, December 3rd at Madison Grove in Providence.

The Next Gen Home By Lennar -

Lennar Homes is unveiling the never before seen NEXT GEN homes that address the specific needs of adults from different generations living together with an appealing functional configuration that incorporates an integrated, yet separate, NEXT GEN space with privacy and convenience.

Are Multi-Generational Home Sales a Real Estate Trend? -

Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC recently conducted a survey to see if multi-generational homes are becoming a trend in real estate purchases. The following video gives some detail on this multi-generational study and features Coldwell Banker consumer spokesperson, Diane Patton.

Living with Parents and Children, ABC News Interview, Sunnyvale CA -

Three generations design a home to live together. “…Privacy with Proximity…It’s much Cheaper… Children receive more love and affection…”

Under One Roof: a house for several generations, Germany

Manufactured Multi-Gen homes. “…two entrances so family members can live together but go their separate ways…ground floor has a granny flat…makes a house affordable again”

Multi Generational Living Makes A Comeback, Minnesota

“Multigenerational living was once commonplace in American culture. Today it’s making a comeback…more and more adult children are moving back in with mom and dad. It’s estimated that one-third of Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 are now living with their parents or in-laws…The financial benefits are hard to beat…”

Visit an Intergenerational home, Senior Parents

Mary Fear and her late husband, Bill, raised three daughters and about a half dozen foster children, and cared for her elderly mother in their home. When …their daughter Marion and her husband decided to build a new home in 2005, the idea of an apartment for Bill and Mary soon became part of the plan. This video is a visit with the Gleason-Fear family and a tour of their multigenerational home.”

Home Office Tour-HGTV

Super fan Gail gives a tour of the home office of the 2010 HGTV Dream Home. This video is part of HGTV Dream Home 2010 show hosted by Gail Fenton. “…great office with Dual Front Doors and a view of people coming to visit…”

How Much Rent To Charge Adult Children Living at Home

Christina Newberry of talks about how much rent to charge adult children living at home.


2Gen Articles and Blogs

Ahwatukee Foothills News, IKEA teams up with Lennar Homes to benefit Habitat for Humanity, By Allison Hurtado, 12/3/2011

“An architect out of Vegas, Howard Perlman, came up with the concept," said Alan Jones, Lennar's Arizona division president. "He spent a bunch of time in Europe and he had the initial idea of having a separate living area. You could use it for whatever. It could be a day care center, it can be an office, and it works really well for those. Not everyone is using it for a mom or a dad or child that's coming back…”., Will you still house me when I'm 64? By Ross Elliot, 11/28/2011

"…there will be a good 10 to 15 year period for people for whom the family home no longer suits, and who aren’t yet ready for ‘God’s waiting room.’ How we accommodate this coming bubble of seniors who want to age in place and continue to live independently, and how planning schemes will allow markets to provide choice and diversity, is something that perhaps should be a policy focus now.", In today’s economy many are finding it necessary to share living space. By Ruth Mantell, 11/22/2011

"Nikki Roddy, left, and co-worker Pam McElroy, share a doubled-up household in San Francisco with their boyfriends. In recent years, the number of adults in doubled-up households has been rising."  

Builder (, As Multigenerational Households Rise, Builders Accommodate, by John Caulfield, 11/17/2011

“…“When he first pitched it to me, I was ecstatic,” says Steve Hilton, CEO of Scottsdale, Ariz.–based Meritage Homes….Meritage hired Perlman’s design team in Arizona, which created two multigenerational and live/work plans for the builder’s Lyons Gate and Villages at Val Vista communities in Gilbert, Ariz….Lennar has since taken Perlman’s basic designs and developed 15 floor plans, says Jeff Roos, the builder’s western regional president…” accommodate.aspx?rssLink=As+Multigenerational+ Households+Rise%2C+Builders+Accommodate  

The Press-Enterprise (, REAL ESTATE: Lennar unveils “home within a home”, By Leslie Berkman, 11/12/2011

"NextGen models are scheduled to be rolled out at 35 to 40 Lennar communities in California, Arizona and Nevada by the end of the year, said Jeff Roos, Lennar’s southwest regional president...Howard Perlman, a Las Vegas architect, takes credit for creating the multigenerational home concept and shopping it to home builders about eight months ago. While several home builders expressed interest, “the one farthest ahead is Lennar,” said Perlman, who was the architect on Lennar’s NextGen homes in Phoenix….", Homebuilders Target In-Laws, Dogs as Extended Families Grow, By John Gittelsohn, 11/16/2011

"The number of households comprising three generations rose to almost 5.1 million in 2010 from 3.9 million a decade earlier, according to the Census Bureau. An estimated 51 million Americans, or 16.7 percent of the population, lived in homes with at least two generations of adults in 2009, up from 42 million in 2000, the Pew Research Center said in an October report. ", Lennar unveils its "NextGen" home design in Gilbert, by John Stanley, 10/8/2011

"Nearly a third of American adults are "doubled up," with two or more adult generations living in the same home, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That's good news for Lennar Homes, which last month unveiled its "NextGen" home, designed specifically to allow more than one generation to share a house while maximizing privacy and independence." articles/2011/10/07/20111007gilbert-nextgen-lennar.html, Grandma Bunks With Jobless Kids as Multigenerational Homes Surge, By Christopher Palmeri and Frank Bass, 8/29/2011

“…today’s extended families are more likely to live in suburbs…“Many conservatives are locked into this 1950s paradigm of the nuclear family,” said Joel Kotkin, author of “The Next Hundred Million: America in 2050,” a book about demographics. “Boomers are aging in place. Immigrants move in with their cousins. The suburbs are changing.”…”, Recession pushes more in D.C. area to live with relatives, the Washington Post, by Carol Morello and Ted Mellnik, 08/17/2011

“…Almost 1.2 million of the region’s 6 million residents were living with extended family members and friends last year, a 33 percent rise over the past decade…“We haven’t seen anything like this since the Depression,” said Frances Goldscheider, a Brown University sociologist who has studied families and living arrangements.…”  

AdvertisingAge (, Boom in Multigenerational Households Has Wide Implications for Ad Industry,, By Beth Snyder Bulik, 08/23/2010

“…the trend could have big implications for marketers virtually across the board in categories from housing… 60% of women serve as caregivers to other family members or friends, which may mean leaving a job or reducing hours…This really is more of a return to normal…Think about the '20s and '30s, when it was very normal for parents to live in their adult children's homes and for grown children to stay in the family home….", Census tracks 20 years of sweeping change, USA Today, By Haya El Nasser and Paul Overberg, By Haya El Nasser and Paul Overberg, 08/10/2011

“…Various forms of three generations under one roof; adult children returning to their parents' home, sometimes with a spouse and their own children or both; blended families that include stepparents or stepchildren; and extended families that include a parent, a child, cousins and others, related or not…In 2010, 24 million adult children lived at home…”, More Americans Families Living With Extended Family, by CBS News, 3/18/2010

"About 6.6 million U.S. households in 2009 had at least three generations of family members, an increase of 30 percent since 2000, according to census figures. When "multigenerational" is more broadly defined to include at least two adult generations, a record 49 million, or one in six people, live in such households, according to a study being released Thursday by the Pew Research Center.”  

The Telegraph (, Return of the Extended Family, by Zoe Dare Hal, 2/2/2008

“…Separate sitting rooms and kitchens are essential: eating or watching television together is then a choice, not compulsory…”  

New York Times (, Sibling Seeks Same to Share Apartment, By Carol E. Lee, 1/29/2006

“…in many cities nationwide, many siblings in their 20's and 30's are moving in together rather than bunking with college friends or strangers…they like the security of knowing that their brother or sister won't cheat them on bills, and many find that living together gives them a sense of having a home, not just a bedroom in an apartment…”  

PewResearchCenter Publications (, The return of the Multigenerational Household, By Pew Social Trends Staff, 3/18/2010

“…In 2008, an estimated 49 million Americans, or 16% of the total U.S. population, lived in a family household that contained at least two adult generations…since 1980 in these multi-generational households is partly the result of demographic and cultural shifts…”, Household Makeup, More Family and Friends Move in Together, By Haya El Nasser and Paul Overberg, 12/6/2010

“…Grown children returning home. Brothers and sisters moving in together. Families taking in grandparents. Friends living in the basement…Fueled by the dismal economy and high unemployment, more Americans — friends and families — are doubling up”, Together Again A creative guide to successful multigenerational living, by Sharon Graham Niederhaus and John L. Graham

“,,,financial and emotional benefits of living together; proximity and privacy; designing and remodeling your home to accommodate adult children or elderly parents; overcoming cultural stigmas about independent living; financial and legal planning; and making co-habitation agreements”, Single Mothers all Living Together, Yahoo Answers, UK 2009

“…basically three or four single Mothers, joining up to rent a larger house in a good neighbourhood near to good schools…which they could not have done alone...and then supporting each other with babysitting etc. I thought this was amazing...”, Adult Children in the Home, by Cheryl Russell, June 23, 2011

“Buried in the 2010 census table QT-P12, and requiring a minor calculation to determine the result, is this astounding fact: 9.5 percent of California's household population are adult children living with their parents.”  

eBiz article & Blog links

Commercial Real Estate: Shrinking To Fit,, by Bill Watkins 08/10/2011

“…Initially, the growth in telecommuting was driven by workers’ desires to physically commute on fewer days. Today, the initiative is changing to employers.…”  

The Changing Demographics of America,, by Joel Kotkin 6/27/2010

“…The new suburbia will be far more environmentally friendly—what I call “greenurbia.” The Internet, wireless phones, video conferencing and other communication technologies will allow more people to work from home: at least one in four or five will do so full time or part time, up from roughly one in six or seven today. . .”  

More Americans Working From Home, Robert Longley, About.Com, 1/28/2011

“The number of Americans working out of their homes increased from about 9.5 million in 1999 to about 11.3 million in 2005, half of them making at least $75,000 a year, according to a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau…’An examination of the data shows an increasing percentage of the workforce is spending at least some time working from home,’ said Alison Fields, chief of the Census Bureau's Journey to Work and Migration Statistics Branch in a press release…”  

Cisco Study Finds Telecommuting Significantly Increases Employee Productivity, Work-Life Flexibility and Job Satisfaction

On average each employee saved approximately US$5,000 in 2008 in fuel expenses alone by telecommuting (the total for all surveyed was US$10.3 million).  

Ten Advantages to Telecommuting, Richard P. Johnson, TSHBI, Sept 1994

“…Areas of Conserving Energy, Protecting the Environment, Promoting Family Values, and Enhancing Worker Safety…”  

The Advantages of Working from Home, Blog

“…Save time on commuting…Save money on transportation…Expenses are deductible…More flexible schedule…Less stress & anxiety…”  

Benefits of Working from Home, Blog

“…you can still be the person who will drop off and pick up your children after school, take them to the doctor or even watch out after your toddler for half of the day…the time you spend with your children is priceless…”  

27 Work-from-Home Advantages and Why I’ll Never Go Back, Aug 8, 2009

“…I get to make dinner for my kids every night and not have to worry about making it home on time…”  

How Working at Home can Yield a Healthy Lifestyle, International Business Times, Oct 8 2010

“…Your entire home cannot be your work space and your work space cannot be your home. Dedicate a room…where you work. This will help your brain feel like you've arrived at or left work. Don't take your laptop to your bedroom, kitchen or family room - protect these living spaces so you don't carry work anxieties and burdens with you…” .  

Internet moms: Getting the best of both worlds, CNN

“Alice says the Internet can give moms a big boost in confidence. In a family where the husband is the main breadwinner, working from home can increase a wife's self-worth -- both psychologically and literally...”  

Places to Live

The Best Places For Business,, by Kurt Badenhausen, 06/29/2011

“…Our look at America’s Best Places for Business showcases the stark contrast between Texas—with its low-cost, pro-business regulatory environment (5 cities among the top 25, led by Austin at No. 7)—and overregulated and wildly expensive California (home to 8 cities that rank in the bottom 25, including No. 200 Merced)…”  

America's Best Cities for Young Professionals,, by Morgan Brennan, 07/12/2011

Midwestern cities eclipsed many glitzier coastal competitors for top spots…A few northeast metropolises cracked the top 15…No West Coast cities made the cut….  

The Next Big Boom Towns in the U.S.,, by Joel Kotkin, 07/06/2010

“… No. 1 Austin, Texas, and No. 2 Raleigh, N.C., have it all demographically: high rates of immigration and migration of educated workers and healthy increases in population and number of children….Texas metropolitan areas feature prominently on our list of future boom towns…No. 9 Phoenix, Ariz., and No. 10 Orlando, Fla., have not done well in the recession, but both still have more jobs now than in 2000…”