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The Oracle "Next Gen" ModelThe Oracle “Next Gen” Model. The Oracle includes a main home and a private suite that are seamlessly connected with a dual access door; similar to adjoining hotel rooms, to allow for as much interaction between the home and the private suite as you desire.. Date: 6/30/13, Video by: Lennar.com.


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Homes built for multi-generational families
The All American Home ~ Part 1
The All American Home ~ Part 1
Floating cities proposed as haven for future happiness

Floating cities proposed as haven for future happiness
A guided tour of LiveWork
A guided tour of LiveWork
Lennar's Next Gen IKEA Showcase Home Featured on Feeling Right at Home
Tour the home designed by Perlman Architects of AZ, for Alan Jones of Lennar Homes of Arizona, the home that started the Fusion Revolution!
Lennar's Next Gen IKEA Showcase Home Featured on Feeling Right at Home
Keep Your Family TOGETHER! Lennar’s Next Gen – The Home Within A Home is not a casita. It’s a complete Private Suite with direct access to the main home but also includes it’s own separate entrance, great room, kitchenette with GE® appliances, bedroom, bathroom, laundry area, intimate outdoor living space and it’s own garage.
The Benefits of Multigenerational Homes
The Benefits of Multigenerational Homes on CBS Sunday Morning.
Next Gen - Featured on NBC Nightly News
Managing multiple generations under one roof Whether for health or financial reasons, an estimated 51.5 million people are finding the need to share living space in multi-generational households — and now homebuilders are starting to take notice.
Next Gen - Featured on NBC Nightly News
The Dawn “Super Next Gen” Model. The Dawn Superhome includes a main home of approximately 2,500 square feet and a private living suite of just under 1,000 square feet that are seamlessly connected with a dual access door; similar to adjoining hotel rooms, to allow for as much interaction between the home… and the private suite as you desire. Date: 6/30/13, Video by: Lennar.com.
Childless: Couples who choose not to have children
The Benefits of Multigenerational Homes on CBS Sunday Morning. See the Mosers in their 2Gen home conceived by Howard Perlman, designed by Perlman Architects of Arizona, and built by Lennar Homes. 50 Million people in the US live in Multigenerational households.
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Fusion: 2Gen and NextGen Homes In The News

Next Gen- The Home within a Home- debuts 12/3/11 in Las Vegas
This is a TV Commercial running in Las Vegas. Grand Opening Saturday, December 3rd at Madison Grove in Providence.
The Next Gen Home By Lennar
Lennar Homes is unveiling the never before seen NEXT GEN homes that address the specific needs of adults from different generations living together with an appealing functional configuration that incorporates an integrated, yet separate, NEXT GEN space with privacy and convenience.
Lennar’s NEXT GEN home concept featured on Gilbert Channel 11
Alan Jones, Lennar Division President, talks about the largest shift in recent history in the way Americans live, and Lennar’s brand new home concept, NEXT GEN the home within a home.
IKEA Showcase Home by Lennar
The IKEA Showcase Home; Built in the middle of the IKEA parking lot at I-10 and Warner Rd. in Tempe, Arizona. Fully furnished and decorated by IKEA, this home highlights our newest forward thinking creation, Lennar’s Next Gen, the home within a home.
Lennar’s Next Gen IKEA Showcase Home Featured on Feeling Right at Home
Lennar’s revolutionary new home concept Next Gen, The Home Within a Home has been featured on the network TV show “Feeling Right at Home”! Learn more about this new home concept at Lennar.com
Cure for stalled home building sector?
Miami-based construction firm believes multi-generational homes could be boon to industry.
The Genesis - Lennar Phoenix New Home Tour
The Genesis – Lennar Phoenix New Home Tour
The Genesis model is a beautiful home of nearly 2,300 square feet, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, and a den that can be converted into a formal dining room. This revolutionary new concept is part of Lennar’s Next Gen, the Home within a Home series.
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Doubling Up

Young adults living at home up 25% since 2007.
Nearly six million young adults live at home with a parent for financial reasons. Russ Mitchell reports.

Multi Generational Living Makes A Comeback, Minnesota
“Multigenerational living was once commonplace in American culture. Today it’s making a comeback…more and more adult children are moving back in with mom and dad. It’s estimated that one-third of Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 are now living with their parents or in-laws…The financial benefits are hard to beat…”

Under One Roof: a house for several generations, Germany
Manufactured Multi-Gen homes. “…two entrances so family members can live together but go their separate ways…ground floor has a granny flat…makes a house affordable again”

Visit an Intergenerational Home
Mary Fear and her late husband, Bill, raised three daughters and about a half dozen foster children, and cared for her elderly mother in their home. When …their daughter Marion and her husband decided to build a new home in 2005, the idea of an apartment for Bill and Mary soon became part of the plan. This video is a visit with the Gleason-Fear family and a tour of their multigenerational home.”

Are Multi-Generational Home Sales a Real Estate Trend?
Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC recently conducted a survey to see if multi-generational homes are becoming a trend in real estate purchases. The following video gives some detail on this multi-generational study and features Coldwell Banker consumer spokesperson, Diane Patton.

Living with Parents and Children, ABC News Interview, Sunnyvale CA
Three generations design a home to live together. “…Privacy with Proximity…It’s much Cheaper… Children receive more love and affection…”

How Much Rent To Charge Adult Children Living at Home
Christina Newberry of talks about how much rent to charge adult children living at home.

Homes built for multi-generational families
Home builders are recognizing the growing trend of multi-generational families and constructing homes with private suites. Mo Rocca reports.
How To Be An Involved Grandparent

How To Be An Involved Grandparent
Therapist Julie Hanks, LCSW, Owner and Director of Wasatch Family Therapy, joined by her Mother and Mother-in-Law, discuss what makes grandparent relationships so unique and how to be an involved grandparent!
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Working At Home

Home Office Tour-HGTV
Super fan Gail gives a tour of the home office of the 2010 HGTV Dream Home. This video is part of HGTV Dream Home 2010 show hosted by Gail Fenton. “…great office with Dual Front Doors and a view of people coming to visit…”

Telework in the Government Sector
The Telework Consortium, an organization that assists companies maximize their competitive edge with assessment and implementation of robust telework and distributed work programs, describes the importance of telework in the government sector.

How To Talk Your Boss Into Letting You Telecommute To Work
How To Be a Stay-at-Home Dad
Being a father who stays home with the kids can be a great choice for the whole family — but you need to know what you’re getting into.

Home Office: Do Not Disturb
Another of the ongoing myths placed on modern humans is that it’s great to work at home.

Baby Boomers Start a Work at Home Business
Baby boomers are a demographic group that can definitely benefit from the work at home business boom.

History of Telecommuting Adoption in the U.S.
Working Mothers: When Telecommuting Makes Sense
Interview with Kathy Murdock, AllBusiness.com’s Working Mothers advisor.

How to Find Virtual Jobs – Work From Home
Virtual jobs are more popular than ever, especially with those who enjoy work from home.

Telecommuting: Breaking Myths of Teleworking
Telecommuting is gaining more popularity as firms realize the benefit of its use.

Marcus Welby MD Intro
Robert Young followed up on his success from “Father Knows Best” with the show about everyone’s favorite primary care physician – Marcus Welby, MD.

A guided tour of LiveWork
LiveWork was awarded First Place at the 2012 International Builder’s Show.

BetterTV: Convincing the Boss to Let you Work from Home
BetterTV recently interviewed Andrea Sittig-Rolf, CEO of BlitzMasters and creator of the Blitz Experience, about working from home.

2 . home office . interior . design . 1ZMIM
Original interior design made with 3d software…Home office concept for a skyscraper flat…

A guided tour of LiveWork
LiveWork was awarded First Place at the 2012 International Builder’s Show.
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Suburbia and City Planning

James H Kunstler dissects suburbia
In James Howard Kunstler’s view, public spaces should be inspired centers of civic life and the physical manifestation of the common good. Instead, he argues, what we have in America is a nation of places not worth caring about.

Ellen Dunham-Jones: Retrofitting suburbia
Ellen Dunham-Jones fires the starting shot for the next 50 years’ big sustainable design project: retrofitting suburbia. To come: Dying malls rehabilitated, dead “big box” stores re-inhabited, parking lots transformed into thriving wetlands.

Will Government Ever Embrace Telecommuting, Reasons Why, Why Not?
Robert W. Poole, Jr. Transportation Consultant addressing telecommuting.

1950s Suburbia: Portrait of the American Suburbs
Modern suburbs grew in the 20th century as a result of improved road and rail transport and an increase in commuting.

The Levittown Story
This is the story behind Americas first working class suburb, Levittown LI NY.

Little Boxes
Social commentary, Pete Seeger

Urban (re)generation and in praise of cities
We’re becoming an urban planet, and even in the US, cities have become cool with the millenial generation.

Better Idea #7 – Sustainable, Walkable, Livable, Complete Communities
Naheed will be a mayor who leads the City towards long-term sustainability. He will put policies in place to bring young families into existing communities and create vital, liveable, new communities.

Built To Last
This short film explores the connection between New Urbanism and environmental issues.

Floating cities proposed as haven for future happiness
Backed by wealthy donors, the non-profit group believes future peace and prosperity lies far out at sea.
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The Dreaded Stairs
See what a group of engineers did to encourage people to use the stairs in Stockholm.
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Dr. Fusion

Dr. Fusion and Susan
Dr Fusion and Boomerang Brad
Boomerang Brad moves back in with his parents.
Dr Fusion and Boomerang Granny
Granny enjoys living with her daughter and grandchildren, but can use some privacy. Dr Fusion perscribes 2Gen for Granny’s headache. Too bad it’s not covered by medicare.
Dr Fusion and Betty the Builder
Dr Fusion and Danielle – Her first home
Danielle learns about 2Gen, the ultimate roomate house, two complete homes in one.
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Hockney iphone drawings
David Hockney’s Fresh Flowers, An iPad Exhibition At The ROM
BHere’s a look at the North American debut of David Hockney’s drawings & paintings on the iPhone & iPad.
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Homebuilding Business

The All American Home ~ Part 1
ABC News made the trip to Bozeman to find out about our All American Home.

Stunning homes for less than $200,000
March 9: TODAY’s real estate expert Barbara Corcoran scoured through the home listings across the country and found five beautiful properties you can make yours for less than $200,000.
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